Cultivating whole-person healing for collective well-being.

The Shelterwood Collective is a soul-rooted community of healing practitioners serving individuals, couples, families, and communities in the heart of Seattle, Washington.

Our collective of therapists, counselors, bodyworkers, coaches, and spiritual practitioners share a commitment to restoration, sustainability, and new life. 

We welcome

All bodies
All abilities
All ethnicities
All religions
All sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions
All countries of origin
All people

 A brave space to heal and become.


shel·ter·wood / noun: 
mature trees left standing to provide shelter in which saplings can grow

Shelterwood Collective was founded in 2011 by Nicole Greenwald and Bethanne Kinmonth. They shared a vision for a grassroots therapy and wellness collective rooted in community, beauty, soulfulness, and sustainability.

Our vision borrows roots from the forestry term shelterwood—a method of regeneration involving thoughtfully preserving mature trees to create a canopy under which new growth has the opportunity to flourish. 

Our mission is rooted in a commitment to restoration, sustainability, and new life. Our work begins with our practitioner collective and extends out to the individuals, couples, families, and community they nurture, support, and advocate for.

Our collective is a network of trusted practitioners who walk with clients on their healing journeys with expertise, care, and grace.