Nicole Greenwald, MA, LMHC

Therapist | Co-founder
LMHC Approved Supervisor | Creative instigator

Nicole is drawn to the creative process. She has a curious spirit and enjoys discovering beauty, courage, and goodness in unexpected places.

Nicole’s curiosity and creativity extends to her therapeutic practice where she embraces unconventionality and collaboration as she supports clients seeking to give meaning to past experiences, discover new ways to express thoughts and feelings, transform thinking patterns, and explore practicing new styles of being and relating. She believes that the opportunity to build authentic, healing relationships with her clients is a profound privilege.

Nicole is dedicated to being a strong, consistent, warm, and honest sojourner on her client’s journey toward a freer and more satisfying way of living and being.

At the Shelterwood Collective, Nicole enjoys working with women and men ranging from adolescence to adulthood. Individuals desiring support in any struggle are welcome.

areas of focus And expertisE:

  • Relationships - fear of, struggle with, issues maintaining, sabotage, satisfaction

  • Vulnerability - using the therapeutic relationship to foster self-acceptance, lower shame, and develop the capacity to be vulnerable

  • Loss & Grief - healing through the loss of a relationship, loved one, job; or any season of loss and grief

  • Transitions - navigating the adjustment from one life stage to another, such as: becoming a teenager, transitioning from middle school to high school, going to college, turning 30, embarking on a new career, starting a business, deciding whether or not to commit to a long-term relationship, becoming a parent

  • Career - discerning your vocational calling, frustration/confusion, discrimination, self-worth, interview skills, entrepreneurship

  • Leadership - developing emotionally intelligent leadership skills intelligence, dealing with difficult employees or teams

  • Creativity - expression, working through creative blocks

  • Stress & Anxiety - feeling stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed; working through perfectionism and issues of performance

  • Sexuality - sexuality identity, desire, intimacy

  • Coping - exploring and working through efforts to cope and self-sooth, including: eating disorders, cutting, self-harm, addiction

  • Trauma & Abuse - cultivating safe space to work through the impact of trauma and abuse; healing through PTSD; trauma stewardship (vicarious trauma and PTSD; compassion fatigue)

  • Personality Disorders - coping with a personality disorder or a loved one who struggles with a personality disorder


$150 per 50-minute session

Payments are received via cash, check, debit, or credit card. Reduced fee services may be available for those facing financial challenges.


Nicole is an in-network provider with:

Kaiser PPO
First Choice

Nicole also offers out of networking billing services.

Schedule a session:

To talk more about therapy, ask questions, or set up an appointment, contact Nicole today at or (206) 395-6285.