Solomon Chan, MA, LMHC

Therapist | LMHC Approved Supervisor | Cyclist & Runner

Solomon is passionate about accompanying people in their journey toward understanding and living out their unique narratives. Solomon’s experience as a therapist working in nonprofits, psychiatric hospitals, academic settings, and community outreach agencies has deepened his integrative, psychodynamic approach to counseling. Solomon invites and supports an exploration of the conscious (what we are aware of) and unconscious mind (what we are not aware of), how that dynamic shows up in one’s life, and how we may find relief for the journey.

He believes that we become who we are, form our identities, and live out our stories in the context of relationship. The nuances of our relationships reveal information about our core struggles; and the relationship that occurs in therapy is a way to live out, encounter, understand, and make changes. Just as we are formed in relationship, healing occurs in the context of relationship. Solomon views therapy as an invitation to explore and live out the unlived parts of our lives in order to more fully embrace a freer, fuller, and more integrated experience of work, play, and love.

Solomon has a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. His theories and modalities pull from: relational psychology, object relations, interpersonal dynamics, intercultural and cross-cultural counseling, attachment theories, and narrative therapy.

At the Shelterwood Collective, Solomon offers weekly individual therapy sessions for adolescents and adults.

areas of focuS And Expertise:

  • Identity - working through issues of who we "are" with culture, family, sexuality, career, and life stages.

  • Anxiety & Depression - coping with how our emotions have become a part of our lives.

  • Relationships - addressing issues regarding life with those who impact us.

  • Trauma & Abuse - addressing histories and encounters of harm that result in increased stressors, difficulty in daily life, and PTSD.

  • Grief & Loss - giving attention to and processing loss and transition.

  • Spirituality - working through questions of personal transformation with faith, religion, prayer, and existential concerns.


$120 per 50-minute session

Payments are received via cash or check. A limited number of reduced fee services may be available for those undergoing financial hardship.


Solomon is an in-network provider with:

Kaiser PPO
First Choice

Insurance statements may be provided for those wishing to use out of network benefits.

Schedule a session:

To talk more about therapy, ask questions, or set up an appointment contact Solomon today at or (971) 277-5283.